Wednesday, November 25, 2009


BnTB is overwhelmed with the response, request, feedback, comments, enquiries & interest in BnTB's beadwork and such. However....

To all on the waiting list, thank you for your patience. Insya-Allah, your orders shall be delivered as committed (unless informed otherwise). Thank you for your continuous support, concern, do'a and everything. Those mean so much and shall be treasured forever.

From the bottom of my heart ~THANK YOU~

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FTIMdc said...

Congratulation!!! You are now The GOLD PIN-Beaders Fan Club member and please make sure to attend our annual anniversary on Pertandingan Piala FTIMDC 2010 on 3 April 2010.
Here is the The Beaders Fan Club attachment;

Anonymous said...

salam akak,
sgt ttarik dgn kerjatgn akak, especially ur signature butterfly n dragonfly design. and jg sgt suka sulam yg guna crystal2 tu..mmg cantik n classy of a kind. sy nak tempah tudung beauty utk wedding sy on March 2010, ble la kan?
pls pretty plssss..

do reply ya..
~ dizah