Friday, July 17, 2009

My heart melts...

While my heart was sizzling hot abt sumthg dis afternoon, i got an SMS frm sum1... dat sum1 says she wanna drop by my office 2pass sumthg.

we hv never met b4, juz over d net, calls & SMSes... she says she's my no.1 fan (i ve got fan meyh? hehe...)

so abt six past four she rang and jeng jeng jeng...

I've got these!

lovely doorgifts frm her wedding! (yeah, I was supposed to attend the ceremony last weekend in JB but since sumthg popped up at the 11th hour, so I cudnt make it...)

Aini, dats so sweet of u. U juz came to hand delivered (and meet me in person) those lovely stuffs. I'm so touched!

Hv another beautiful "majlis bertandang" in Temerloh yea!

May I repeat my doa here:
"Walau tak dapat sama meraikan
doa dititip dari kejauhan
moga ikatan yang terpatri
kekal sampai mati

moga mahligai yang dibina
kukuh hingga akhir nyawa

moga istana cinta
diserikan dengan kehadiran puteri putera.

Selamat Pengantin Baru Aini & Shahrul!"

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